Which Way is Web Design Shifting in 2019?

Your website is your virtual home, the face you show the world.

It’s the place where interested potential clients come to find you and build a relationship with you. Not only do you want it to look its best and be as user-friendly as possible, you want it to stay on the cutting edge of ever-shifting technological trends and advances so that it can give you and your message the best platform possible.

As 2019 rapidly approaches, what website trends are picking up? What tips and tricks do you need to be aware of to keep your website fresh and welcoming to old and new visitors alike?

Here are X ways web design is shifting in 2019:

1. Flat Design

Since 2017, web designers have increasingly been creating clean, simple websites with fewer bells and whistles. These clean-cut minimalist designs are eye-catching and fast-loading.

In 2018, there was some pushback to this design trend, with the development of drop shadows and more three-dimensional looks. But flat design is back!

Like a beautiful woman with just a touch of makeup to bring out her best features, flat design uses crisp colors, and open space to reduce distraction and improve the user experience.

2. Bright, Eye-Catching Colors

Color has long been known to attract attention and trigger emotions, and it is one of the greatest tools in the savvy site designer’s arsenal.

The online space, in particular, is different from physical locations: unlike a typical mall or market, many sites have only a couple seconds, or a fraction of a second to catch and hold visitors’ attention before they click away.

Thus, bright, bold colors have come to be more popular among today’s designers, created without any gray to tone down their eye-catching effect.

Of course, too many bright colors used haphazardly can be cacophonous and off-putting.

But with the right eye and sense of balance, bright colors can draw visitor’s eyes to the right places, and highlight your site’s strengths.

3. Mobile First

As people increasingly view content on their smartphones and tablets rather than their desktops, mobile design has become so important, it’s taken over the pack!

Since 2015, when mobile searches overtook desktop searches, its become unavoidably apparent that mobile sites have to take priority over non-mobile-friendly versions.

No wonder that many web designers nowadays are focusing on designing websites FIRST for mobile devices, and then adjusting it for desktop or laptop computers, instead of the other way around.

2019 site designs will be more economical with space usage while maintaining the eye catching images that attract visitors to your pages.

4. Video and Other Moving Content!

It should be pretty obvious by now, with the popularity of sites and apps like YouTube and TikTok, but video is the wave of the future.

The human eye can’t resist looking at things that move, and that’s why clever site designers are incorporating arresting videos into successful websites.

In fact, many visitors are now expecting videos to feature in the websites that they visit, whether that is through interactive backgrounds, branded video content, or clever animations that describe or explain some aspect of your business.

Videos are far more attractive than static images, and can show off a unique aspect of your personality. They have moved from the arena of “fun decorative element” to “crucial component of a successful website.”

5. Asymmetrical Layout

In breaking with tradition, cutting edge website designers are now thinking about breaking through the grid.

Asymmetrical designs create a sense of freshness, something unique and new that could just make visitors pause and take a second look, which is all you need.

In the past, designers were expected to align website elements: headlines, pictures, copy, etc., with an invisible grid, creating a satisfying sense of symmetry. And sites that did not adhere to this grid idea were considered “sloppy” or “distracting.”

Today, that concept, like many others, has been turned on its head.

The careful use of unusual placements and irregular patterns is a fun and semi rebellious way of directing site visitors to chosen elements on the site in an engaging and unique way.

6. Chatbots for Customer Communication

Once a new-fangled innovation, chatbots are quickly becoming a must-have for many websites, and you should expect to see far more of them in the near future.

Bots are convenient ways for users to interact with your content, and thanks to developments in technology that have made bots increasingly intelligent, they have really contributed to the user experience and customer service.

By 2019, expect the chatbot technology to be refined and incorporated into most company websites.

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In Conclusion:

An eclectic array of design trends are barreling your way in 2019.

From minimalism to eye catching colors, flat design to interactive chatbots…sometimes these trends seem confusing and contradictory—leaving you to wonder: which ones should you adopt?

With all trends, the most important tip to keep in mind is to choose elements that fit your business identity. Trends are trends because they tend to work for MOST people and most businesses, at least during the time period in which they ARE a trend.

But your business is unique, and what it needs—what your ideal audience needs—may be different from the mainstream.

So consider the above trends as tips to consider, and adopt or ignore them as you feel is best for your long-term business strategy.

If you want to keep your website fresh in 2019, make sure you keep abreast of the latest trends. For more information about website trends in 2019, and for expert guidance on knowing which trends to follow and which to leave alone, don’t forget to call or email us today!

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