10 Simple Ways to Build Trust in Your Brand

10 Simple Ways to Build Trust in Your Brand

Brand building is essential to any business that hopes to have a long-term future. The internet has made it possible to create simple sites that can provide income, but there is far more to developing a sustainable business. There are various factors that go into building a brand, but one of the most important is the ability to gain trust.Trust is essential for turning prospects into customers, while also keeping customers coming back for more. The following techniques can all help to develop a trust that allows your brand to grow into the future.

1. Consistency

A trusted brand will always act in a consistent manner. Rather than making spur-of-the-moment decisions, you can create a code of practice that maps out how you act and react to various situations. The way you approach product development and sales, customer service, and customer communication can all go on to provide a reliable, consistent experience for a customer.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials will almost always increase the conversion rate of your site. When visitors reach your site, they want to see that they are going to use a product or service with a reputation. We all make decisions with social proof in mind, so a testimonial can instantly show that other people have already made a positive buying decision. Even if the product is brand new, testimonials relating to previous products can help to show you are a respected business within your industry.

3. Respected Clients

Testimonials provide one side of the user experience, but a list of respected clients show that other businesses also trust you. If you can show a number of recognizable logos on your site, visitors will quickly understand you are not an unknown or unreliable business. It may take time to build up a client list, but it can be worth going out of your way to secure a known client.

4. Good Reviews

Reviews are extremely prevalent online, so it is important to consider how you get them and then respond to them. Some customers will automatically leave reviews, but you may need to suggest others provide a review by providing a link to a relevant review site. It may only take a few reviews to get the ball rolling. Many review sites offer an opportunity for a business to respond, so if you receive any negative feedback you should attempt to address the concerns.

5. Mentions

As your business grows, media outlets may start to discuss you on their websites. These mentions can happen organically or be influenced through press releases and advertising. Mentions across various media outlets can increase trust in your brand by raising your level of authenticity. A visitor to your site will understand that not every business will be discussed on reputable outlets, subsequently increasing your reputation in their eyes.

6. Active Social Media

An active presence on social media shows you are a brand that is communicating and reachable. Any business that appears hard to contact or get answers from will struggle to build trust around their brand. The most trustworthy brands on social media will typically embrace the format, rather than simply posting advertising and press releases.

7. Trust Seals

Trust seals can increase the legitimacy of your website, leaving your visitors feeling safer doing business with you. There are various trust seals you can earn, relating to website security, payment processing, virus protection, and accredited business practices. While some people will look closely at your accreditation, most people will simply feel better that there are some recognizable signs of trust.

8. Personal Touch

A faceless business can find it difficult to build trust. By providing a personal touch, customers can develop a closer relationship with a business, increasing the likelihood of them returning. You can add a personal touch by including images and videos of representatives of the business. Including a behind the scenes element can also be helpful. If you don’t want to be personally seen, a company mascot can help to create an association with the business.

9. Customer Service

Customer service is vital for building a sustainable brand. Ideally, your customer service should be quick, efficient, and personal. You can use live chat and help desk services to increase the response time, while a list of best practices can ensure each customer gets the same level of service. For a growing business, good customer service will be reliant on your employees, so ensure you choose your representatives wisely.

10. Guarantee

A firm guarantee can be incredibly valuable when a customer is considering a purchase. The guarantee can build trust because it shows you firmly back your offer. Businesses have experimented with guarantees, including double your money back offers that exceed expectations. As with all business practices, it is key that you always keep to the promise of your guarantee.

By following these techniques, trust in your brand is almost certain. Every business will face brand building challenges, but customer and partner trust will ensure your businesses remains insulated from most problems. While there are various ways to show your brand is trustworthy, the most important tasks are to put customers first and always deliver on your promises.

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