monitoring & analytics

Imagine the sales opportunities if you could identify the companies visiting your website! Our tools put more business intelligence data at your finger tips, so you can convert more leads to sales, more efficiently than ever before.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Consulting is tailored to provide meaningful data to help you make more informed business decisions. We factor in your business goals to configure your account, providing easy access to data and build your confidence in online marketing decisions.

Website Caller ID

Imagine the sales opportunities if you could identify the anonymous companies visiting your website everyday. Discover why we are a marketing team’s best friend and a sales person’s secret weapon.

Security Monitoring

Scanning for malware is but just the beginning, there are a variety of other security related events that you should be mindful of. Things like DNS and WHOIS modifications, modifications that you didn’t perform. Other events include monitoring the versions of your applications, and web servers. All contributing components to your online security.

Uptime Monitoring

It is more important than ever to ensure around-the-clock access to your website and all its features. With BWS, your site can deliver top performance. Get our website monitoring service, and prevent the unwarranted loss of visitors, revenue and customers. BWS provides reliable way to maximize uptime and identify slow website performance.