5 Useful Marketing Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

Maintaining an active presence and readily interacting with your followers and customers on your social media sites is an essential part to your social media strategy.  With social media being an ideal platform for customers to connect and engage with their favorite brands, it’s imperative to show up on these sites not only respond to comments and concerns, but to boost authority and credibility in their respective niche.

Yet, managing the many different social accounts can prove to be overwhelming at times.  The good news is that there are several social media management tools designed to help businesses improve their effectiveness and overall strategy online.

Do social media like a boss by leveraging these marketing apps in your strategy to enhance your productivity and bottom-line results.

#1 Hootsuite

Perhaps the most popular social media management tool on the market, Hootsuite has made it incredibly efficient for businesses to manage, scale, communicate and remain effective in their social media strategy, yielding growing results over time.  Being able to schedule posts in advance allows you to maintain a steady presence on your social sites.

This app is simple to use with the ability to see your various social media accounts on one interface, making it highly effective in responding to your followers across different channels.  You can manage your Twitter, Facebook profile and pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress blogs, Google+ pages and many others all on one screen, boosting productivity.

The many benefits offered through Hootsuite makes it an excellent choice for your social media management.

#2 Buffer

This tool creates easy ways to share and schedule your blog content, images, and videos across your social media channels including Pinterest.  The beauty about Buffer is its Optimal Posting Time tool that provides a list of the best times to post your content uniquely based on your audience’s engagement.  Instead of guessing when to post your social content, Buffer will easily create time slots based on these optimal times.  It saves you time in testing what works and helps you be much more effective in your marketing!

#3 MeetEdgar

One of the most frustrating truths to social media content is how quickly it gets buried under new posts.  Also, most social updates are only seen by a small percentage of your intended audience.  It’s recommended to repost old content to boost responsiveness and get more out of your content.

That’s where MeetEdgar comes to play!  You see, what separates this app from the others is that it automatically recycles your old social media posts when you’ve either run out of updates to share or do not have any scheduled to post.  By reposting old content, you’re able to increase your social reach thus boosting traffic to your website.

Therefore schedule, publish, republish, and track social media campaigns with MeetEdgar!

#4 Everypost

Using Everypost makes it easy for you to curate visual content from various sources, customize and schedule posts, and simply manage your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and tumblr.

The biggest distinction with this tool is its content curation feature, with the ability to pull together relevant content from different sources like YouTube, Instagram, and RSS feeds and publish across all your social media platforms.  You will never run out of content to share with your audience.  Content curation is ideal to keep your followers in the know and position you as a “go-to” source, improving your credibility.

#5 CoSchedule

Although this app is better known for its amazing editorial calendar feature, CoSchedule has a social media management element that allows you so publish posts and execute your content marketing strategy.  It is two remarkable tools built into one.  Each piece are equally important to your overall inbound marketing success.  Increase your brand awareness, remain consistent in your content strategy, and publish your social media content all with CoSchedule.  Content marketers absolutely love this tool!


These marketing apps will greatly enhance the productivity and results of your social media marketing strategy.  The key is to choose one that best suits the goals of your brand then fully optimize the tool to your advantage.  As you remain consistent in publishing content to your different social platforms, you will amplify your reach and audiences, greatly improving your brands visibility online.

Much success!

Ready to bolster your social media strategy that aligns with your business goals and increases engagement with your audience?  Contact us for a consultation.  We are ready to help!

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