How to Turn an Average Social Media Campaign Into a Great One

While some social media campaigns are studs and others catastrophes, most fall somewhere between the two extremes. Unfortunately, a run-of-the-mill campaign won’t likely achieve the ambitious goals you set for it. Here are a few ways to bring your campaign to the better end of the spectrum and achieve your marketing goals: 

Post what interests your followers, not you

Sharing your passion with others on social media is usually a good thing. The only caveat here is that your followers have to find the topic interesting.

In an ideal world, you and your followers would have the same exact interests. That’s rarely the case though. As a business owner, you’re considered an expert in your industry. What you find cool might seem like another language to your average customer.

A recent Social Barrel article explains why you should always post for your followers. According to the article, you can do this by first understanding what they use social media for:

“It is the best way to get their attention. But first, you need to know why your target market is using social media. It could be because your audience members love to browse news stories. If that is the case, you should post newsworthy content. And if they log into their social media accounts to look at photos of their friends, you should post some pictures of your business, like behind-the-scenes.”

You probably can’t discuss your industry in-depth with followers. But if you know why they use social media, then you can share engaging industry-related posts with them.

Strength in numbers

“Strength in numbers” was the slogan of the 2015-2016 Warriors basketball team. In addition to winning more regular season games than any team before, the organization was also a huge success in the media.

The idea behind the slogan was to emphasize the importance of each individual fan. This applies to businesses as well, since each follower and customer plays an important role.

“Strength in numbers” has a second meaning in the context of social media marketing. This Huffington Post article explains how you can improve your campaign just by attracting more followers:

“The best way to reach the largest audience is to increase your number of followers. This tactic is especially useful for small businesses and new start-ups. By increasing the number of followers you’ll begin to increase your credibility and overall traction.  At 9.3 million Instagram followers and a wide array of powerful and engaging content, GoPro is a fantastic example of a company that has built and maintained a stellar online presence.”

More followers equals a better campaign since you’ll have more credibility and a greater reach. At the same time, it’s also important to engage those followers on an individual level and make them feel recognized.

Don’t forget to be “social” 

Social media wouldn’t be any fun if it were a one-way street. Although you might want to focus on your own posts and original content, you also have to play the game by commenting on other stories and responding to your followers.

The reason why social media marketing is so engaging is because users can have a casual conversation with businesses. The more you start to treat social media like an advertising campaign, the less of an impact it will have. The only way to succeed on social media is to actually be social.

An average campaign won’t ruin your brand, but it also won’t help you take any steps forward. You have the potential to run a successful social media campaign as long as you stick to the principles. To talk more about social media marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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