5 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog Starting Today

5 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog Starting Today

Are you diligently and faithfully posting to your blog and still not getting the traffic you think you deserve? This is a common issue with many bloggers and can be discouraging. To help you get an audience ready and eager to read your posts, here are some simple ways to get consistent traffic to your blog starting today.

1. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are all about sharing content. After writing and posting your content, be sure to announce it to everyone that is connected to you on your social media accounts. To make it easier and more time effective, use a posting software like Hootsuite so you can post to several social networks at once. You might also consider paid advertising on Facebook if you want quick traffic. Just be sure you have “monetized” your blog so you can make some, if not all, your money back.

2. Google loves shared content. Not only should you announce your content on social media, but you will also want to encourage others to share your content as well. Make it easy for your readers to share by placing share buttons either before or after your content. The easier it is for others to share, the more likely they will. As your content is shared and liked, Google is more likely to take notice.

3. Share your post with your email list. Many of the people on your list don’t read your blog every day, yet are interested in your content and will find it valuable. When you write a new post, let them know about it by sending them an email inviting them to go check it out. You may even want to include links to some previous articles they might have missed. If you don’t have an email list yet, use an email capture form on your blog that encourages readers to sign up for your newsletter or to be notified the next time your blog is updated.

4. Did you know that Google has been tracking and ranking synonyms for several years? What this means is that you need to be thinking about and using synonyms for your keywords when writing your article. Your content will get listed higher in the Google search results for your keyword by using different variations. For example, if your keyword is “coffee shop,” you will want to use “café” somewhere in your article as well.

5. Another excellent way to increase traffic involves re-purposing your content. You do not have to necessarily create new content to do this. After writing a blog post, use it to create a slide presentation, a video, or even a podcast. Each of these will be uploaded to a separate channel, like YouTube or Slideshare, which will include a link back to the original blog post. You can also use social media as mentioned earlier to announce this re-purposed content.

Just by using these five simple tips, your blog presence and authority will increase. You will become known in your social circles as the “go-to” person on your chosen subject. The important thing to remember here is that getting consistent traffic with your blog takes time and consistency. Writing good, quality content on a consistent basis then using various methods to promote it will pay off for you in the long run.

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