5 Reasons to Focus on Email Marketing

5 Reasons to Focus on Email Marketing

With all the different marketing options available, email often gets forgotten. But email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways to build relationships and create sustainable income. Email does not have to be your only marketing strategy, but it can work as the primary way you drive sales. The following five reasons help to explain exactly why email marketing should be at the core of your business.

1. Build Strong Relationships

Strong relationships should be the foundation of your business, but they typically take a long time to come to fruition. Email is one of the best ways to communicate with large numbers of people, while still giving the impression you are speaking directly to the reader. While fewer people open every email they receive than in the past, your open rates should still be high enough to reach a large percentage of subscribers. Communication should be about giving great value, so ensure your emails are not all sales messages.

2. A Predictable Response Rate

Email marketing is one of the most reliable sources of leads. When you have created a quality email sequence, the amount of leads you receive becomes fairly predictable. Your data should tell you roughly how many people will open your messages, click the links, and then make a purchase. With this information, working out how much you can spend on advertising and traffic strategies becomes far simpler.

3. Segment Your Lists

A key part of marketing is the ability to effectively target your prospects. If you can put a highly targeted and relevant message in front of your audience, making a sale becomes far easier. Email autoresponders offer you the opportunity to segment your lists, making targeting easy. You can move a subscriber from a prospect list to a buyer list, before moving them through various product levels. Segmentation will make a big difference to how you communicate with your audience, resulting in more satisfying customer interactions.

4. Cost-Effective Price Structure

Email marketing is a cost-effective way of growing your business. When you first begin email marketing, your subscriber base will be fairly low. As you start to grow, this subscriber base could soon consist of thousands of people. The major autoresponder companies have prices based on your subscriber levels, so you will only start paying substantial amounts when you have built your list.

5. Track Your Results

In order to optimize any marketing campaign, tracking is essential. It is rare that a campaign is at its most profitable from the beginning, so you need to be comfortable with testing and tweaking for improvements. Email marketing offers various analytics and testing options, allowing you to send messages to a portion of your list first. Over time, your email campaigns should be optimized to a level where you are profitable.

Offering too many choices to your visitors can often be problematic. With many choices on offer, people often get bewildered and do nothing. It is possible to offer many choices in your marketing campaign, but to avoid this confusion you can benefit from focusing on email. When a customer enters your site, all efforts can be focused on getting a subscriber. As your subscriber list grows, your business will grow with it.

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