Google Analytics: Get Familiar and Gain Control of Your Website’s Success

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but not many website owners take advantage of its potential. They may use it to get basic information about their website, but it can do so much more. If you use it properly, you can change your entire website management plan with confidence, knowing that it will lead to better results. However, getting to this point requires that you learn a lot about Google Analytics. Although you could spend months learning about everything that it has to offer, you should at least take some time to get familiar with the features that can have the greatest impact on your success.

Make Adjustments Based on Events

Event tracking is an incredibly powerful feature to use with Google Analytics. For instance, if you have a contact form, an email newsletter, or social media buttons, you may want to track their activity. While you could just hope for better results by bringing in more visitors, you can actually make use of the statistics that you obtain from events by making changes to how things are displayed on your website. If you want to get more people to fill out your contact form, you should change how your contact link is displayed. By making a simple adjustment, you will begin to see its impact in your event statistics. If you end up with a lower percentage, you can revert back to the previous setup or experiment with another one.

Creating and Monitoring Goals

Another effective way to use Google Analytics is by creating and monitoring goals. If you want people to sign up for an email newsletter, you can create this goal and use it to determine your future actions. With a newsletter sign-up on every page, it becomes possible to monitor every page of your website. If you notice that certain pages are having much lower conversion rates, you may want to change the content as it could be pushing people away from becoming more interested in your business.

Set Up Multiple Alerts

If you want to expand your means of gaining visitors, you may want to set up alerts for your methods. Incorporating social media is an excellent way to grow an active following, but just having people who like your social media page is not enough to warrant any kind of celebration. It is important to turn these likes into actual business, which you can monitor through the use of Google Analytics.

When you want to increase your social media traffic by a certain percentage, you can set up alerts to tell you when it happens. Also, you can do the same for when social media traffic goes down. It is an easy way to keep track of how successful your social media efforts are and can give you the direction you need to make changes that are likely to provide you with the success that you want to see.

Combine Analytics with AdWords

To increase your overall traffic, you should consider pay-per-click marketing. The fastest way to get started is with Google AdWords, which you can use in conjunction with Google Analytics. Instead of blindly going into pay-per-click marketing and hoping that you are successful, you can take the information that you have gathered from Google to start targeting keywords that already convert at a high percentage. Although you will have to experiment with writing your advertisements, you will have a higher chance of succeeding by using the information that is available to you.

Getting started with Google Analytics is often overwhelming for the inexperienced. If you have any questions or want help with incorporating it into your business plan, please contact us today.

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