Monthly Archives: February 2016

Web Design

7 Web Design Trends That Every Business Can Use in 2016

As small businesses update their websites for 2016, they will notice web sites with eye-catching images, call-to action pop-ups, and organized categories on the front page. Business owners are focusing more on the user experience (UX) and having their web design reflect on this. This includes everything from visual design to having a well-organized layout. Since 1996, […]

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5 New Customer Service Tools for Facebook’s Business Pages

Is Facebook part of your company’s marketing strategy? If so, then you’ll probably be pleased to learn that Facebook recently introduced improvements to its business pages that will make it easier for business owners to provide great customer service. The new features include upgraded options for privately interacting with your customers, customizing the responsiveness of your […]

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How to Plan Your Social Strategy

Whether your company is already social media savvy or you are just starting to look into what you can do, having a planned social strategy can help you better understand the needs of your customers. Your social media strategy is just one part of your bigger marketing campaign, but to get the most out of […]

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