Express Your Personal Vision with Your Company’s Web Design

Express Your Personal Vision with Your Company’s Web Design

Running your own company is exciting. This is your baby and you’re pouring all your passion and enthusiasm into it. Of course, you want it to succeed. But more than that, you want it to express who you are. You want it to reflect your own personal vision or the vision that you and your partners came up with. And nowadays, your web design is like a visiting card. It says everything about you.

At one point of time, companies had to do a great deal to develop their brands. You had to make people remember who you were by advertising continuously and in various forms of media. You had to create a great product, provide good customer service and depend on word of mouth.

Nowadays, however, people just look up any company or product that they’re curious about on the internet. And this gives them all the information they need. So it’s really important to make sure that your company’s web design tells your customers everything that you want them to know.

Great Images and Text


Use high-quality, relevant, eye-catching images.

According to Neil Patel from Forbes, “In the eyes of your users, design is everything. Your website is the company. Your website is the product. Your website is your reputation.” The design of your website is what’s going to draw the eye of the customer towards you. You have to get them hooked with something that’s really eye-catching, such as a great image or video. Another option is to keep the appearance of your website simple but have a catchy logo.

Whether you prefer to get the attention of your customers via images or text, try to keep things relevant to what you do. You want your website to say a lot about what you’re willing to do for your customers but you don’t want to exaggerate or include irrelevant information. For example, it makes no sense to use a wonderful image of a great landscape if you’re selling blenders.

Engaging Your Audience

As per this writer from Huffington Post, “Your detailed business plan, if you’re not careful, can become your biggest enemy when speed to market is critical for your success.” It’s not just a cliché to say that time is money. Neither would it be wrong to say that the world is beginning to move faster than it used to. So you need to save time—your own as well as your customer’s.

  • Keeping Your Readers Interested. Nowadays, people don’t have the patience to sit down and read pages and pages of content. A writer will tell you that this is a pity and that we need to revert to an earlier way of thinking. However, this is how things are at the moment. And instead of reviling your readers, you need to adjust to them. You need to give them what they’re looking for and keep them interested in what you’re saying. Once you have them interested in your content, you’ll also manage to get them interested in your product.
  • Using Tips and Tricks. In order to keep your readers engaged, you have to use all the little tips and tricks that content writers have developed for the savvy internet reader. Write lists, use bullet points, create subheadings. Keep your paragraphs short and give each one a simple, readable subheading in bold font. Your readers will love you for this. Even if they’re not actually reading everything on your website, blog or social media, they’ll get the gist of what you’re trying to say. Your message will be clearer. And, as time goes on, so will your brand.

Today’s readers enjoy quick tips, tricks and life hacks that help make life easier – Hence the popularity of social media platforms like Pinterest.


At this point, it might be useful to say something about branding. You probably already have your company brand clear in your head, because this is something you’ve been thinking about for a long time. However, it’s also important to impart this brand to customers.

As a startup, your website is going to be a very important tool to create your brand. So try to make sure that it matches up with the vision inside your head. Or at least that it doesn’t go against it. Once a brand has been formed and a reputation has been created, it’s very hard to change it. So keep branding in mind even if you’re just a startup.

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