The Best Design & Marketing Tools of 2017

As more and more marketing migrates to the web, companies are looking for the best tools to support their design strategies.  Attention spans are so short and competitors are constantly fighting for consumer’s attention. Only the best design tools will do the job of creating an enduring, innovative marketing campaign.  There are several new tools that are especially valuable in helping marketers reach their target audience and designing terrific content for them.


This tool helps marketers find the group that is most likely to be interested in their product, as well as the endorsers and influencers that are most likely to reach that group. It is sort of a way to backwards engineer a sale. Rather than start with an assumption of what kind of users will most likely buy a product, this tool determines where the product is going and then identifies the people that are interested in it.  Next, it identifies the influencers that are most likely to be helpful to your firm. It is only $65 a month and can help marketers identify their perfect niche.


Video is one of the most compelling types of marketing today. Pre-roll clips on YouTube videos, Hulu, pop-ups and other locations are storming the web. However, most people are not qualified to create the beautiful, professional videos built with Adobe or Mac software. For companies that want to still get the most out of their video marketing without breaking the bank, there is Videolean.

Videolean makes shooting and editing these video commercials easy. It provides the templates and very simple editing tools. Virtually anyone can get up to speed and build professional level ads with this marketing product.

Colibri IO

Identifying the target customers on the web is always tough. However, right this moment there are potentially millions of conversations ongoing about the problem or issue that your product solves. If you could artfully engage in these conversations with the product suggestion, you could have many more happy customers.

Colibri IO identifies all of the conversations on the web that are occurring though Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards and comment sections that have to do with your product. It then attempts to identify the relevant emails so that you can send a message directly to these participants about your product. Targets are already engaged in a discussion about your issue and will be very likely to reply to a targeted email.


This marketing tool focuses on reaching relevant Twitter users.  Marketers simply insert the hashtag, influencer or website that most closely aligns with their company. The tool then highlights the users that are most likely to respond to your message.  It also helps to identify which users to follow.  Those ones are likely to follow back which increases brand exposure and total number of followers for your firm.


Hubspot is a major marketing company with a number of tools for marketers and designers. Its automated marketing infrastructure incorporates email marketing, content marketing, full-scale campaigns, CRMs and other tools. Once the campaign is initiated, the tool can run itself by targeting potential clients through A/B testing and follow-up as they are filtered with unlimited sequencing. Hubspot’s service has unlimited emails as well. Of course, the tool is optimized for both iOS and Android devices for mobile marketers. It integrates with social media feeds as well to identify new customers.  However, acquiring all of the tools can be pricey and may eventually run into the thousands of dollars per month.

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