Why SEO Should Be Your #1 Online Marketing Focus

If you have been researching ways to promote your website online, you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed by all of your options. Buying ads on major search engines, buying ads on other websites, promoting your site on social media and more are all great ways to promote your site to the world, but there is one particular online marketing option that you should be putting more effort into: SEO, or search engine optimization.

As you might already know, search engine optimization refers to optimizing your website so that it can be more easily found on the major search engines. However, you might not realize why SEO can be more important than other forms of online advertising. These are a few reasons why.

1. It’s More Affordable in the Long Run

If you don’t know anything about online marketing and SEO, it is a good idea to hire an SEO firm to help you. Good SEO results take practice, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you might not see the results that you want. In fact, if you do it wrong, you can actually jeopardize your online search engine rankings rather than helping them.

However, SEO is more affordable than other marketing efforts in the long run, even if you invest in a high-quality SEO service. This is because SEO works in the long run when it’s done right. This is unlike a lot of online advertising, which requires you to continue spending money on more ads. When you buy ads, you can pretty much count on your traffic slowing down as soon as you stop funding your advertising account. This is not the case with SEO, however. Your site will still be found in the search engine rankings months and years later if it’s done right. This means that investing in SEO is a good, affordable idea in the long run.

2. It’s More Natural

Think about how you look for information, products and services online. When you look for something, you probably click on a link that you find in the search engine results, not on an ad that you see on the sidebar. Some people purposely ignore advertising and look for sites on the search engine results. It just seems more natural and less promotional. Therefore, if you promote your site on the search engines rather than simply relying on paid advertising, you might find that more people will be clicking on your links, since they are more natural.

3. You Can Promote Every Part of Your Site

When you pay for paid advertising, you will only be linking to — and drawing readers to — one particular part of your site, such as your main domain.

This is not the case with search engine optimization, however. If you work to optimize every page of your site, every page of your site will begin to pop up in the search engine rankings when people are looking for related keywords.

For example, your blog posts will pop up, your product pages will rank, and obviously, your main site will rank as well. This can help you bring attention to every part of your site and can help increase the chances that people will find your site — and the products, blog posts or information — that they are looking for when using their favorite search engines.

As you can see, SEO should be your number one online marketing focus, even if you do still want to put some effort and attention toward other online marketing options. If you are unsure of where to start or just want to ensure that your SEO campaign is as successful as possible, contact us to find out more about our professional online marketing services.

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