SEO and Analytics Partner to Improve Business Success

SEO and Analytics Partner to Improve Business Success

Even with all the hype about “digital marketing,” only 28% of all advertising spending in 2014 was on digital media. That means 72% of all advertising/marketing spending was directed at television, radio and print ads. So if your enterprise hasn’t yet fully immersed itself in the digital marketing pool, it isn’t alone. It does, however, have a big opportunity to jump in ahead of its competition, the majority of which (if the 28% statistic holds true) have also not embraced the wonders of the digital marketing world.

SEO and Analytics – Partners in Your Marketing Future:

In the past few years, these two major digital marketing protocols have demonstrated continuing relevancy, even through a series of modifications and evolutions:

  •  While SEO is the older of the two, it maintains its place at the heart of the marketing campaign. The methodology to create true “search engine optimization” has changed, however, as improving technology becomes more sensitive to the subtleties of consumer inquiries.
  •  Analytics are somewhat newer, in terms of time, as “Big Data” has been developing. (“Big Data” is the accumulation of all the data currently stored in the world’s computer servers, and is constantly expanding globally by volume, velocity and variety. More than 90% of all the data in the world has been created since 2011.)
Google SEO Algorithm

Quality content, filled with a series of relevant keywords, is the current driver of your web page to the top of the search result list.

Together these two elements form the foundation of your digital marketing toolkit, with the one driving visitors to your site, and the other evaluating what they are doing while they are there.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Shifts as Technology Shifts:

It used to be the keyword that attracted the attention of Google’s search engines; a multitude of keywords in any given electronic page improved the page’s ranking on Google’s search engine site. Recently, however, as “content” marketing has increased in value and dominance, simple keywords no longer carry their previously sizable influence on the engines. Instead, the Google algorithms are now tuned to focus on whether the web page content reflects the relevance of the keyword(s). As an example, you can post “ice cream, ice cream, ice cream” all over your web page, but if there is no other content relevant to the deliciousness or ingredients of your 65 ice cream flavors, Google won’t move your site past, say, the fourth page of its “Ice Cream Treats” search result list. Quality content, filled with a series of relevant keywords, is the current driver of your web page to the top of the search result list.

Analytics Provide Insight into Customer Experience, Enterprise Success:

SEO - Customer Experience Insight

SEO and analytics will help you gain the most valuable type of feedback: Customer experience insight.

Once your site is gaining viewers, you’ll want to know what they are looking at while they are there, and, more importantly, how much of your product or service they are purchasing, if any at all. Analytics can provide you with statistical data regarding every aspect of your customer’s experience, from the length of time in which they view your product selection, to the speed and ease of their checkout process. Analytics can collect data on each customer’s product choices, sizing and color preferences, or any other product detail. The resulting comprehensive report will accurately illuminate which products sell, and which products don’t. Future corporate decision making can then be based on concrete facts, not simply customer surveys or proprietary tastes.

Digital Marketing is the Future of Global Commerce:

You’ve worked hard to build your company into the successful entity it is today. BWS can help you achieve even greater success with a digital marking campaign that communicates the high value of your proprietary goods and services using today’s best SEO and Analytics practices. As the business owner, you’ll be better informed about your customer base, your products, and the steps you can take to make the enterprise even stronger. Contact us today to get started.

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